English Listening and Speaking Test- Class 7 (Morning shift)

English Listening and Speaking Test- Class 7 (Morning shift)

This is to notify about the Listening and Speaking Test  of the students of class 7 ( Morning shift )

Listening Test :

1.  The test will take place on 27.7.21 ( Tuesday) , during regular class time, insha’Allah.

2. The students will be provided with the question in class and an audio will be played.

3. Students will answer upon listening to the audio in the test.

4. At first the students will see the questions ( 5-10 minutes) provided to them very carefully and later they will answer the  questions by listening to the audio. 

5. The students will get time( 10-12 minutes)  to transfer the answers in a script and finally send them through WhatsApp to the teacher.

6. Any other audio clip will be played several times before the actual test occurs.

7. The actual audio will be played once only. 

8. Students are kindly requested to keep a backup internet option (wifi or mobile net) during the test. 

9. In  case of emergency, the test will be taken through a WhatsApp group call instead of Zoom.

10. The students need to wear the microphone carefully during the test as it’s a test based on listening to the audio .

11.  The mark ( 10 marks) of the test will be considered as a part of the half yearly examination. 

12. The test script will be from the textbook ( English for Today )

Speaking Test : 

1. The test will take place on 29.7.21( Thursday), during class time,insha’Allah. 

2. There will be three parts to the test.

3. At first, the students will greet and introduce themselves.

4. Secondly, the teacher will ask a few general questions and students will answer them and this will be a dialogue. 

5. Finally, the teacher will provide a specific topic and the students will get time to think and note down some points . After that, they will deliver their speech on the given topic for two minutes. 

6. Teacher will make a call via Whatsapp with the following chronology:

Shakira Tahsin Hyder
Adeeva Tazmen
Manha Mashrufa Rusha
Amena Binte Mehedi
Samia Tanvir
Maryam Binte Misbah
Tasnia Tarannum
Sadia Islam

  7. The mark ( 10 marks) of the test will be considered as a part of the half-yearly examination. 
Students are requested to prepare themselves well for the exam insha’ Allah.